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The whale shark season in Holbox Island:

Is the biggest fish that exists on the planet. Whale sharks come every year to the northern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula to feed and mate and Holbox is the perfect spot to watch and enjoy the presence of such an incredible creatures.

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Holbox fishing tours:

The fishing tradition is ancient in Holbox. For visitors, fishing excursions ensure maximum enjoyment of the sport in a unique setting, in Holbox Island sport fishing is available at all levels.

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Birds’ Island, Passion Island & the Yalahau Cenote (sinkhole):

A boat takes you to the Morena Island, also called the island of birds, where more than 140 species of birds nest and live. Passion Island is the perfect romantic spot for couples visiting Holbox. The most interesting site is definitely the eye of water called “Yalahau”.

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Cabo Catoche Tour:

Cabo Catoche is located arround 43 kilometers east of Holbox. This is the point where the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico meet. In this area you can see incredible landscapes with pristine beaches. Given its rich marine life is the ideal place for fishing and snorkeling.

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    More Tours and activities in Holbox.

Tours and activities in Holbox

A great destination!

This enchanting Caribean Island is the ideal place to enjoy a very exotic holidays. Holbox was in its beginnings a fishermen's village and located in the Yum-Balam Biosphere is sorrounded by natural wonders. Holbox has not yet been explored that is why its Caribbean style is still so natural; with sandy streets and colorful wooden houses painted in bright colors.

From the sea to your table... You will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes including the very famous "lobster pizza" icon of the fusion cuisine of Holbox.

Holbox has plenty of unic activities to enjoy!

From the fishing Tour to snorkelling, from a Boat Trip to Observe the flamingos to the oprtunity to see dolphins in their natural habitat. From May to Septiember you will be able to see and swim with the great whale-shark, the world's largest fish!

At night, the small towon wears color offering a bohemian atmosphere. Succulent dinners and exotic drinks are waiting for you to delight yourself in the magnificent Holbox Island!

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